i. The Ritz-Carlton wants visitors to this web site (‘’) to know that we are as concerned as you are about the privacy of any information that you may provide to us through the site. The Ritz-Carlton is making every attempt to ensure that all our business practices that involve the use of your information are compliant with privacy regulations in the countries where we operate.  
ii. When you use certain online services of, including but not limited to the Online Purchase, and Online Registration, The Ritz-Carlton may ask you to provide certain information which relates to you by filling out and submitting the online forms.  
iii. Personal information may include your first and last name, title, mailing address, e-mail address, telephone and fax number, language, employer, business title, diverse preferences regarding accommodation and travel habits and other personal identifying information. When using the Online Purchase and Online Registration you may be asked to provide a credit card number and its expiration date ('Personal Information'). 
iv. Accordingly The Ritz-Carlton wants to not only advise you of your privacy rights in relation to your use of our web site but also explain how we intend to respect them. By accessing or using The Ritz-Carlton Site and any pages thereof, you agree to the following terms of The Ritz-Carlton Policy, acceptance of which is a condition of the Legal Terms and Conditions.



i. You should be aware that information and data is automatically collected through the use of 'cookies'. Cookies, which are small text files a web site can use to recognise repeat users, facilitate the user's continuing access to and use of the site. They allow a site to track usage behaviour and compile data which will allow content improvements and targeted advertising. Cookies are not programmes that come onto your system and damage files.
ii. Cookies generally work by assigning a unique number that has no meaning outside the assigning site. If you do not want information collected through the use of cookies, there is a simple procedure in most browsers that allows you to deny or accept the cookie feature. Please note, however, that cookies may be necessary to provide you with certain features, for example customised delivery of information available on this web site.


Providing Personal Information on Our Web Site 

Depending upon the service you wish to use, some of the information we ask you to provide is identified as mandatory ('Mandatory Information') and some is optional ('Optional Information'). If you do not provide the Mandatory Information with respect to a particular service, we will not be able to process any request you may make. 
Our web server will recognise your domain name, but not your e-mail address. We use 'cookie' technology on the public area of this web site to increase your user experience on The Ritz-Carlton Site.


How May Your Personal Information Be Used?

We propose to use, store or process ('Processing') the Personal Information provided by you to The Ritz-Carlton for the purpose of increasing the convenience for your present and future purchases as well as to use the Personal Information to keep you informed about new products and services or offers which we believe may be of interest to you ('Purposes'). 
If you do not wish to have your Personal Information processed for any of these Purposes then you will have the opportunity to indicate this below when you indicate your consent and submit any request to The Ritz-Carlton Site.


To Whom and Where May Personal Information Be Disclosed?

Your Personal Information may, for the Purposes described above, be transferred or disclosed ('Disclose') to any company within The Ritz-Carlton and affiliated / associated companies wherever located in the world in whichever different jurisdiction they may operate, depending on which company within The Ritz-Carlton Group can best provide the information requested or products and services sought. 
The Ritz-Carlton will not Disclose your Personal Information to outside third parties which are not part of the The Ritz-Carlton Group. Where a third party processes your Personal Information on behalf of The Ritz-Carlton Group then such processing will be governed by a contract in the form required by law.


Protection of Your Personal Information 

i. Personal Information and other data that you provide (for example in connection with a current purchase) is protected in several ways: Since this information is not accessible from outside The Ritz-Carlton you will not be asked to select a User ID and a Password.
Your information is encrypted when travelling over the Internet.
Your information is stored on a secure server that resides behind a firewall after your information reaches The Ritz-Carlton.
The firewall is designed to block access to this data from outside The Ritz-Carlton.
Only selected The Ritz-Carlton staff and contractors have access to the server via their Password.